September 26, 2011

DIY infinity scarf :: a tutorial


School has just started - about what? three weeks ago - and we all went through our first colds and/ or first sore throats. The weather has been up and down, lately - more up than down, to be honest - but the mornings are definitely cooler. Not cool enough for digging up our woolen scarves - but a light scarf might be welcome, I thought. And since I still have a couple of K.'s favorite but worn out (according to me, not to him) T-shirts left and a couple of stitches on my machine which I haven't tried yet, I thought a homemade, light weight infinity scarf might be worth a try! And that's exactly what I did.
I didn't chrono but this is an under half an hour project for sure (rummaging through your closet for a t-shirt not included) and it couldn't be easier. So here's a quick how-to for a simple yet fun infinity scarf!

What's needed:
- an old t-shirt (a sweater might do as well)
- scissors
- pins
- thread in contrasting color (I used a contrasting yellowish green thread to offset the brownish/grey faded color of the T-shirt.
- sewing machine or needle

infinity scarf


1. Lay down your T-shirt on a flat surface and cut off the bottom hem part. Snip-Snip. (pic.2) Do the same at the sleeve insert level, cutting from one side to the other (pic.3)
2. Fold in half and cut again along the fold - snip snip - to obtain two identically sized tunnels. (pic.4)
3. Cut away the side seams (4 times) - snip-snip - to obtain 4 identically sized rectangles. (pic.5.)
4. Lay one rectangle on top of another rectangle, right sides facing up, and with a 1/2 inch overlap. Pin together - pins-pins (which happens to be the palindrome of snip snip, by the way, how cute is that!). Repeat for the remaining pieces and close the circle by placing the first rectangle on top of the last one (pic.6).
5. Sew together by hand or on your sewing machine with a jersey stitch. And done!

You have now obtained a wonderful light weight infinity scarf and no cost. So, now you can start experimenting with it - wear it twisted around your neck a couple of times, or just once and knotted... You probably could wear it as a head band as well... or as why not, as a belt (as a maternity belt even). A versatile addition to your wardrobe, that is!

Note: As I was finishing this tutorial here I came across this one in my reader at The Purl Bee - a very nice and luxurious infinity scarf, if you ask me...

As with all of my tutorials, please note, this tutorial is intended for personal use only. Therefore, do not reproduce, sell or commercialize in any form without permission. Thanks for understanding!

If you made something using a tutorial found on this blog or if you got inspired by something you found here, make sure to post your pictures here.


Anne said...

Love it!! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


Pascale said...

Thanks, Anne!

Christina said...

This is exactly the kind of scarf I am looking to wear here at seminary, where all of the buildings are ancient and freezing cold. I am so happy I didn't succumb to purchasing several scarves on clearance at Target this weekend. Thank you for helping this dirt poor seminarian stay warm.

Anonymous said...

love this! must make!

Anna said...

beautiful pascale!

Pétra said...

Ugh my husband just gave away a ton of old t-shirts! I might just have to cut up one of my own or use a few of my sons and make it different colors. Thanks for sharing another great tutorial!

Ine said...

Now I know what I am going to do this weekend:)
Love the yellowis stripes!!


Frances said...

Thank you so much for presenting this clever, clear tutorial. I love the snip...pins mirror twins.

The bag featured in your previous post is exceptional! It's stylish, functional, subtle, you say, truly unique.

Best wishes.

delaneyw said...

This is awesome! Thank you for the idea!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I saw the Pom Pom Cowl as well and am in the middle of making one for myself, I DO love the t-shirt idea too. Very versatile and no ironing needed. Thanks for the lovely tutorial :-)

Patrik said...

Thanks for this tutorial!

I used your tutorial and write about it on my blog. It's in german.
I hope it is ok , that I do it.

Here the link:

Greetings from Germany! :D

cucicucicoo said...

very nice! i've been wanting to make a t-shirt infinity scarf, too! :) lisa

Michelle L. said...

Love it - the colors are so cool!

Jessica said...

I made this & it worked! it's a bright yellow t-shirt! now it's an infinity scarf. Is the grey t-shirt pictured Jersey cotton fabric?

Anna said...

The palindrome bit was awesome. As awesome as the tutorial. :)

Malissa said...

I just made one! :D Black T-shirt purple thread. :D I love it! :) Thank you SO much. <3

Patricia said...

This was so great and easy too! Thank you! I made two yesterday afternoon!

Better Health Today said...

What a great idea! now to find my husband's old shirts. even a goodwill store probably has some colorful tees. thx for the idea, among my Christmas projects will be a couple of the infinity scarves. Love seeing blogs of such creative ideas.

Anonymous said...

Now I know what I can do with all the t-shirts my boyfriend is given wherever he's working... Thanks for sharing the good idea!

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