October 24, 2012

Denim snack bag :: a recycling project

denim snack bag :: a recycling project

I'm maybe not very original with this project. You can find tutorials for this kind of (snack) bags everywhere on the net. Derived from the paper brown bag, they're very simple to make. When using old pants, however, they're even simpler to make, is what I thought.

I used an old pair of jeans, which were ripped at the knees, and let's face it, which also got a little too tight around the waist... For the strap, I used a thin, orange leather, partly torn belt (the top and bottom layers got separated beyond repair this time).

The project is kind of straightforward and summarized in the pictures below. I probably won't use my bag as a snack bag but rather as a make-up bag. The second leg will be transformed in a similar way, and will hold our adapters, cell phone loaders etc. when traveling.

Just one remark before you get started: the size of the bag obviously is determined by the width of the pants' legs. Hence, I do not recommend using slim pants. Straight leg pants and boot cuts, however, are just perfect for the job!

You will need: an old pair of pants, an old belt, needle and thread, and a sewing machine (although you could do this project entirely by hand).

denim snack bag :: a recycling project


1. Cut off one leg, just below knee, with adult size pants, about 40cm.

2. Prepare your belt by cutting the following:
- one strap of about 10 cm, buckle included and still attached
- another strap of about 40 cm, starting to measure from the other extremity of the belt (so this part has the holes)
- two strips of about 3cm, each.
3.  Turn the leg inside out. Since the bottom seam will become the top of the bag, we will close the other end. Insert the belt part with buckle, at that end, making sure it's positioned right in the middle. Close the seam, and run a zigzag stitch to prevent fraying.

4. Make boxed corners as shown.

5. Attach the other strap, nicely centered in the back. To make the sewing easier, prepare the leather by making holes using an awl. Next, add the short strips with a couple of stitches. If you're smart, unlike me, you attach the strap and strips before sewing the bottom seam...

And that's it! Hope you like it...



PS: If you made something using a tutorial found on this blog or if you got inspired by something you found here, make sure to post your pictures here.


lightbluegrey said...

en of ik het leuk vind!

Jane Odartey said...

Love it!

Jo said...

Very cool! Love the bright contrast with denim.

Esther from Alicante said...

I'd seen (and pinned) pant leg snack bags before, but the added belt really finishes it off!!
I am going to make one of these, with a little changing, for a french bread bag.
Found you through welldonstuff on Facebook.

samsstuff said...

Cute and I love the recycling aspect

nicole/brussels said...

mooi gedaan, en pratisch ook, een goed idee om dingen te recycleren, zouden zoiets meer moeten doen,in deze tijden van verspilling!!

Pam said...

Very clever refashion!!! I love the way you've used the leather belt. It not only looks great as a contrast, but is totally practical, too. I'd love for you to share this at our Ongoing Linky that's just for Refashioning with Denim...

Mary Sane said...

I took the liberty of using one of your pictures in one of my blog entries (with a link back to your blog of course). Is that OK or do you want me to remove it? Here's a link to the entry if you want to check it out:


Lisa said...

Very CooL! It didn't dawn on me util I started reading you used a pant leg. Brilliant! Love the leather with the denim. Great site! Just started reading and I think I am hooked!

Ag said...

I love your style! Everything you make is so chic and simple. I love it. And you are soooooo neat!

silvia romani said...

You are simply a genius!

Junk disposal coquitlam said...
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urkulluni said...

Love this one, too!

Ana said...

I just loved your blog. I'm starting to see how many wonderful things we can do by repurposing. Here it is my first try both in sew like in recycling. Thank you!

bas re-design said...

So simple, so brillant!
Lovely idea.
Thanks for sharing.


Shahrul Niza said...

You are a genius!. Packed lunch is cool again :).

Craftyhobbies said...

love this bag , I make bags from re purposed denim too - Its such a versatile fabric to work with

kaddi said...

oh, I found your blog and love it so much, that I've linked your blog on my german blog. I hope it is o.k.! If you want to have a look, take this link:

I used the first picture to show an example of your blog.
(If you don't agree with it, let me know and I'll eliminate it.)

Greetings and happy sewing,

William Winston said...

Your blog post is quite unique, grasping, and innovative with its content & readable quality. It has motivated me a lot in using environmentally friendly Jute Bags instead of plastic and paper bags.

Anonymous said...

Cool bag! But I tried it and the instructions arent very good sorry

craftygurl said...

Good thing for pictures! :) helped me make it! Super creative!

Anonymous said...

Cool and easy to implement ideas..thanks buddy!

becky | life in 35mm film blog said...

such a wonderful idea + so easy even i can do this! thank you for sharing :-)

fzillion said...

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Debbie Evran said...

What a cool idea, I have a draw full of old worn jeans in my spare room! Now I know what to do with them :-)

shobith sharma said...

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Charlotte C. Billings said...

I love creativeness. This is a very creative fashion. I usually throw away my condemn jeans to remove dirt and keep the home clean. I will adopt this creative art and apply it to other damage home stuff in my house, if I the chance will be available for me to do it. Thanks.

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