July 31, 2013

T-shirt yarn macramé puppets

T-shirt yarn macramé puppets

Sitting on a mountain of old T-shirts?
Bought some T-shirt yarn but never got around crocheting or knitting that rug?
Or did you make that rug but you still have yarn left?
Here's a fun craft making use of T-shirt yarn.

T-shirt yarn macramé puppets

These T-shirt yarn puppets were part of our school's Spring fair activities last June and I can immediately add that they were a big hit among all ages.
It's a nice introduction to macramé as well.
If you don't have T-shirt yarn you can cut your own from old T-shirts (you can find how to do this online). Or you could use fabric strips, bias tape, cord, ribbon, ...

Slip the puppets on a key chain, use them to personalize school bags or make a bunch to make a cute mobile or garland for the nursery.

Recommended age: 5+
Required skills: ability to tie a knot
Click here to download written instructions.

T-shirt yarn macramé puppets

Note: inspiration for this craft was found here. Just now, I also found this tutorial online.

As with all of my tutorials, please note, this tutorial is intended for personal use only. Therefore, do not reproduce, sell or commercialize in any form. Thanks for understanding!

If you made something using a tutorial found on this blog or if you got inspired by something you found here, make sure to post your pictures here.


Annì said...


Timi said...

What a great idea!!! :o)
Thank you!!!

artede said...

Thanks for your tuto

Cindy said...

they are the cutes, pascale. enjoy your weekend!

Cassi said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I can't wait to try this! I'll be featuring it on The Crafty Crow!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

These are SO, SO, cute!!! Hope you don't mind, but I'm pinning for future reference.

Ann said...

OMG these are so so clever! Absolutely the cutest thing. Don't you think they'd be perfect for Christmas trees in suitably Christmassy colours! Thanks SO much for sharing your cleverness.

Richele said...

These are really sweet. I'm thinking a large one using a tennis ball might be the perfect toy for our puppy.
Thank you for the tutorial.

juanita de la vega said...

Wow! sooo cute!

planettreasures said...

Aw, they are so cute
What a great kids activity.

planettreasures said...

Hi, also I'd love to put a link to them on my blog, is that OK?

Zielony Myszak said...

so nice :) i like it :) greets

anaalbimoreno said...

Muy bonito gracias por el tutorial.

Anonymous said...

I've just discovered them! They are so cute, and so easy to make!!!

Mónica said...

Aren´t they cute? I´ve just tried the tutorial, they are really easy to make. Have a look at them in my blog Scrapacosas, please. Thanks for the inspiration!

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Nicole Macey said...

Love this idea! Do you mind if I share on my Facebook Page?

Anonymous said...

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Miriam Steve said...

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