April 3, 2009

Birthday party season :: ctd

Drawstring twin bags

I made it! About right in time! I just finished two more drawstring bags, for two of M.'s friends this time. These two are slightly different from the other one I made earlier this week - in that I didn't line them, but used a particular technique to finish them off nicely on the inside. If you're interested in finding out what it was that I did, you're lucky, as I plan to write down everything in a tutorial, hopefully somewhere next week.

Don't you like the drawing? It's from M.'s hand - I love her black pen drawings... She made this picture after seeing the fashion insert in a newspaper. In case you're wondering - no, I don't own a Chanel purse...

Need to go now as I still have a zillion things to get done before I'll go pick up the girls from school!

Have a great weekend!
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