September 29, 2009

A flower for my jacket

I used to have a favorite jeans jacket. I bought it many years ago from GAP. It had the perfect fit, the perfect color, the perfect everything. The kind of jacket I would wear on top of everything (except for a pair of jeans - somehow I don't like the look of denim on top of denim), on any occasion. But as I said - I used to have ... and I lost it. I'm still feeling miserable when I think of it. It happened on a trip to Brussels when I went to see my parents. I remember putting it on top of my weekend bag. And somehow, it must have slipped off on my way from the car to the front door, only to get noticed the next day. Gone favorite jacket... We looked everywhere. My mom even went to the lost and found at the local police station. But alas: no jacket...

Not only did I loose my absolutely favorite jacket ever, but also the very nice flower pin that was on it. A crocheted flower pin in soft vanilla and rusty orange tones, which I found here in Paris at Nice Day Nice Things.

It took me a while before I bought a replacement jacket. I checked at every GAP store around hoping to find the exact same one. I waited for the new collection to come in a couple of times. And after more than a year I decided it was time to move on and to buy just another jacket from whatever brand, which I eventually did. It's not as perfect as the lost one, however, far from. And until last weekend it didn't have a nice pin on it either. But it does have now!

The idea for making the flower pin came after reading the latest issue of Marie-Claire Idées which featured a fabric flower wall ornament (among lots of other really fun stuff). Instead of making the wall ornament, I used the template for a pin.

It's fairly easy to make, actually, even without the pattern. All you need to do is cut a flower twice from a piece of fabric. Sew the two layers together (I did it by hand) making sure to leave an opening for turning. Turn over, fill with some stuffing (I used wool roving which I still have plenty of from my needle felting phase, but any fiber fill will do). Top stitch the petals the way you like. You could even add some beads or sequins... Make the little heart by cutting out a circle from a different type of fabric and stuffing it too and sew it onto the flower. Since I didn't have a pin for the back (and it was Sunday, which means all shops closed) but plenty of buttons, instead I used a button of the same size as the button holes in my jacket. Et voilà! A nouveau flower pin for my jacket.

Now, if you're into flowers like me, make sure to check out "My Mama Made it", where you'll find not only a great flower pin tutorial, but many examples and lots of inspiration for garment alterations. That flower pin definitely is on my to do list! A girl likes to change, right?!

Note: It's hard to tell from the picture, but the fabric I used has oak leaves printed on it. In perfect sync with the season, I thought.
Just a matter of details, really...
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