March 4, 2010

Polka dots :: a garland

polka dots garland

Winter break is still on, so I have been busy with keeping the girls busy, mainly, for the past two weeks. But thanks to clever planning on my behalf - both girls have a friend over at this very moment - I found some time for a craft - or two...

This is craft number one: a garland with the leather polka dots from a couple of days ago. Simple, easy, but I like it! I used two different colors of thread for the sewing to get a baker's twine effect (and also because I couldn't make up my mind as to which color looked best).

Not sure if I'll keep the garland for special occasions or have it up in our "studio" (I'm a bit worried about a clash of colors) or in one of the girl's rooms maybe ...

polka dots garland

for this little craft I used a circular (paper) puncher, leather scraps in different colors, thread and sewing machine. Cut circles with the puncher, thread the sewing machine with two different colors top and bottom, "feed" the leather circles to your machine - for the space between circles, just continue sewing without feeding... Don't forget to make a knot at the beginning and end to secure.)
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