October 30, 2013

Halloween quick fix :: goggling eyeballs

Halloween DIY :: googling eyeballs

To be honest - Halloween hasn't really been on top of my priority list. It used to be our favorite event of the year. We'd put days (weeks) of preparation in it. But not anymore. A lack of exposure, I guess, ...

Halloween DIY :: googling eyeballs

Anyway, there must be something left, though, as I came up with this - true: totally miminimalist - craft yesterday. I can't remember what triggered it. Was it one of the girls rolling their eyes when being told to clean up their rooms?  Or was it my recent encounter with eye doctors, laser beams and dilated pupils. Not sure...

Halloween DIY :: googling eyeballs

This craft is easy, fast, totally silly and totally last minute. All you need is two (wooden) beads (varnished/ glossy works best to get the real eyeball look), a piece of fat string, and permanent markers.

Halloween DIY :: googling eyeballs

Slip the beads onto the string, tie a (double) knot on both ends and slip the beads over the knot to hide it (use a dab of glue if you're worried about losing an eye), cut off excess string and finally draw the eyes, with scary pupils, lots of bloody veins, ... Slip the eyeballs between your fingers and scare the crap out of everyone! For a better effect, you might actually want to use some face paint on your hand to make it look like a really scary face. Use your imagination!
Note: Due to choking hazard this item is not intended for young children.

Wishing you a happy and safe Halloween, everyone!



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