January 1, 2006

// Paris je t'aime //

- Don't go to France without reading Stephen Clarke's "Talk to the snail". Though I don't agree with everything he writes, it certainly is a fun read. From the same author: "A year in the merde" (and a bunch of sequels which I haven't finished reading yet) - a relaxing and fun read. Perfect for those boring Transatlantic flights.
- If you'd like to get an insight in the nuances of the French language I recommend "Pardon my French. Unleash your inner Gaul." from Charles Timoney. Even after over two years in France I found this book quite intersting still.
- Paris Mômes - not only a great source of information for activities with kids in and around Paris, but also nicely illustrated. highly recommended!

- Vingt - Paris: ... a comprehensive hub for visual arts information and resources in Paris, nurturing our creative community through a series of art exhibitions and events.

- restaurant reviews galore at John Talbott's Paris

- Experience Paris as a local at Spotted by Locals - Paris and find Spotted by Locals tips for many other European cities

- The Paris Blog

Fun with Kids

- Jardin d'Acclimatation
- Ateliers Musée des Arts Décoratifs
- Eiffel Tower - Champs de Mars
- Jardins de Luxembourg
- Musée du Quai Branly
- Centre Pompidou - Junior and Jeune Public

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