January 1, 2006

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In this section I'll add links which I think are interesting in one way or the other, grouped by category.
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Tutorials & DIY

One Pretty Thing
Craft Gossip
Whip Up
How About Orange
The Pompom - Everyday Crafts

Photography: DIY and techniques

- DIY Tripod
- another DIY Tripod
- DIY Light Studio - using foam core board, great design since it can be taken apart, see also here for a small change I made to this design
- DIY 10$ Macro Photo Studio using a card board box
- and yet another way to build your own light box
- Have you ever wondered about a picture about how they did it? Check out this Flickr Group and maybe you'll find the answer - or inspiration to try something new!
- ever wanted to make your photo's look old? Check out the Bakumatsu Koshashin Generator.
- Water Drop Photograph Techniques
- Photozone: all kinds of information - detailed lens and camera reviews, price comparisons, techniques, basic theory, forum, ...
- DPreview: in-depth reviews, buying guide, discusion forums, gallery, challenges, ...
- Photography Monthly: website related to the U.K. monthly magazine - reviews, tips and techniques, competitions, ...
- http://digital-photography-school.com/quick-and-easy-tourist-removal-in-photoshop
- Flickr - Nikon D40/x/50/60/5000/3000 and Friends Club: sometimes interesting discussion threads; at the bottom of the page you'll find user reviews for the different camera's
- for Nikon D40/D60 users: D40/x/D60 Club Wiki: reviews on camera's, lenses, filters, flashes, useful techniques...

Blogger and blog design
Check out this post for some interesting links.
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For formatting and fine-tuning of static pages check out this one.
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