September 14, 2009

Some useful links...


This is a bit of a stretch. The buttons, I mean. I just wanted to share some links I found extremely useful when redesigning my blog - adding the buttons and everything. it? - a bit lame, I know, but I couldn't find a decent picture to go with it... hence the buttons.

But seriously now. If you ever consider making changes to your Blogger template, just forget about looking for answers in "Blogger-help". Most likely you won't find it there and if you do so most certainly it's outdated.
Basically, you'll need just one source: Tips for new bloggers. Or as summarized in the blog description: "A dummies guide, blog tips, tricks, help for all new bloggers on Web templates, Blog templates, designs, widgets, layout, JavaScript, HTML codes, SEO, Google AdSense, gadgets, diagnostic tools, and how to monetize Blogger or Blogspot blogs."
It has very clear and detailed how-to's for about everything you can think of.

Would you like to switch from a two column to a three column template?

Or would you rather go for a horizontal menu navigation bar, whether it be in the in the header image or not?

Do you fancy a new background color or a different font color but don't know which one to choose from? Tips for new bloggers gives an overview of all colors available and their hexidecimal codes.

Most of my left sidebar buttons are linked to static pages, i.e. posts which contain all the information. For a how to on these, check out I Simply Blog and Technically Easy.

An interesting link which provides general HTML coding is this one.

And then finally, before you start to even change the slightest thing in your blog template, make sure to make a backup! Both, of your posts and your template! You never know... Also, to avoid the mess (as a mess it will be, no matter what - at least to me it was, as some of you might have noticed) to appear on your blog make the changes to a test-blog you created just for that matter... And when satisfied just copy the template into your real blog!

Good luck!


Jacqui said...

Those are great links - thanks! I'm already considering a tabbed header instead of the widget :) I've also used a lot for changing header widths etc. The site is a visual mess, but once you get used to it it's packed with good information, particularly on slightly more technical issues like how to redirect your feed traffic to Feedburner successfully etc. If you decide to play with a tabbed sidebar widget (not sure I really recommend it at this point!) there is a good tutorial here:

Ammie said...

Thanks for the tips and links! I know a little bit of html, enough to just squeak by, but now I'm excited to peruse this stuff!

Juni said...

Great idea, my blog can do with an update! Thanks for sharing what you've found out.

cindy said...

thank you so much! i would like to go to three columns at some point!

Andrea, the collector said...

Wow, thank you for all the resources! Amazing!

Jacqui said...

Oh no! I've come back to check through your links, perhaps I can kiss my evening goodbye now? ;) Thanks also for the comment about your static pages, I'd been wondering if I could do something similar with the sidebar links for my blog and now I see what you've done and how well it works.

The tabbed widget was a dud, do not recommend!

Novo Move said...

Thank you! And good luck!

Boocoos said...

This is just exactly what I've been struggling with! Thank you so much!

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