September 13, 2009

Le // Between the lines // "nouveau" est arrivé!!

So, here it is! The revamped (so I hope, at least!) // Between the lines //! After a full week of hard work, often in the wee hours at night. I neglected everyone and everything for an entire week. You should see our place... Don't worry - The kids still made it to school every day with a set of fresh clothes and a healthy lunch box. And I didn't forget to pick them up, either. But other than that... Hum... (Although - I remember I baked two moeulleux au chocolat this week, fixed the goodie bags for little H's birthday party, went to two PTA meetings, ...) More than once I asked myself why I started this whole thing in the first place. And if it was really worth it. But then, I wasn't satisfied anymore with what my blog looked like.

So: Quoi de neuf? I wanted to add something so my readers would be able to navigate more easily through my blog. A lot of you visit my blog for my tutorials, to name one thing. Therefore, as of now you'll find a navigation bar in the left hand sidebar. A complete overview of my tutorials is now just one click away. There's also a link to my other blog, the lately much neglected // Between the lines // - Photography blog. There's also an "interesting links" section, where I'll put up links which I think might be of interest to my readers, links that have been useful to me in one way or the other (tutorials, articles relating to photography,...). Also new is the "Paris je t'aime section" - it's still empty right now, but I intend to add information on that page for the Paris lovers amongst you. I might add sections as I go.

In the right hand sidebar I added a "Photography Blogs" section, with links to some of my favorite photography blogs. Make sure to check them out!

Because of this extra sidebar I had to change the rest of the layout as well. Three columns instead of two. I thought this would be straight forward but it took me much longer than than I thought it would. The good thing is I learned a lot this week, about HTML codes, if-conditions, the importance of brackets in the right place, how to fiddle with margins and padding. I'm actually quite pleased with myself. My brain is still functioning and in the end I really got the hang of it. Not that I plan to repeat the exercise anytime soon. But still...

The only thing I'm not entirely satisfied with is the banner picture. You can expect some changes there still. (Suggestions, anyone?)
However, I didn't want to put you on hold any longer.
So here it is: le // Between the lines // nouveau! I hope you like it...
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