May 18, 2010

Flowers? Stripes? Or both? :: DIY lace trimmed scarf

One of the fun things about cleaning up is that you come across hidden or lost treasures. In the mess I generated I discovered yet another old favorite shirt of mine - or actually it was a button down shirt dress, very long, flimsy, white and gray stripes, very summer-y and with side slits reaching up to the waist. Don't worry: it really was a decent dress - it came with a long white tank top under-dress. The under-dress has long gone, but not the shirt, which I'm really happy about. I cut it to pieces and paired it up with a gray flower printed flimsy fabric I bought not too long ago. I added some lace trim and there: a new scarf, combining old and new. Isn't it lovely?

And so easy to make too!

This is what you need:

- two rectangular pieces of fabric of equal size (mine were 110 cm by 38 cm or in inches: 43 by 15)
- lace trim equaling the sum of both short ends of the fabric (76 cm or 30 inch)
- pins, tread, sewing machine


flowers stripes or both

1. With the right sides facing pin the two rectangles together squeezing the lace trim in between layers (at the short ends only) and such that the lace trim faces inwards as shown in the above pictures - you don't want to see any of the trim sticking out! Also, to have neat corners , have the lace trim start in a little curve as shown in the picture - you don't want the lace trim to get caught in the side seams!

2. Sew everything together but leaving a small opening in one of the long sides for turning. Check if the trim got nicely caught in the seams everywhere - correct where needed.

3. Clip the corners.

4. Next, turn inside out through the opening. Shape and press with iron. Close the opening by hand or with the machine.

5. You can leave the scarf as is or for a slightly more distressed look, wash it and next, twist it until completely tangled up. Leave it to dry this way. Once dry, undo and you'll have a nice and nonchalantly wrinkled scarf...

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