October 12, 2010


She's wearing it to school today...
The final episode in the poncho saga! It's ready! Done! Finished!

But I'm working already on the sequel. Another poncho, for little sister this time.
I took a slow start on that one. Or maybe not really. I almost finished one panel when I decided it would be too small. That's the problem with knitting. Especially, when not using a pattern. Sure, for the poncho I had an example. I even made notes. But my experience with knitting is that you never/ not always know, what you'll get. Unless you work from the book, use the right yarn, knit the sample as indicated... which I never do. I usually start with some yarn, some knitting needles, an idea and lots of trial and error. I consider it being a process, where I might have to redo things over and over again before getting it right... But in the end I get there or, worst case scenarion, the project ends up in the closet.

Don't you worry, though, little H., I will finish this one!!

How do you knit?
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