October 6, 2010

Poncho... finally

For years in a row M. has been asking me to knit her a poncho.
When our friends came to visit us in Paris a couple of weeks ago, one of their girls was wearing a gorgeous hand knit poncho. I had a proper look at it, took all the measurements and even counted the stitches and number of rows. I had no excuse anymore not to knit her that poncho, except for the lack of the right yarn, maybe. "Something with blue, mommy!" I went yarn hunting several times and was close to the state of despair when I finally found some yarn yesterday which I thought would look nice on M. She wasn't convinced at first, but with the help of a little swatch she was able to make up her mind. So yesterday evening I knit and knit and I'm happy to announce that I'm almost half way the poncho thanks to fat needles and some really yummy fat yarn! And I really need to finish this one as I already have another one on order. A pinkish red version for little H. - will she ever outgrow her love for pink, I wonder?

So, sorry K., but I'm afraid you'll have to withstand at least a couple more nights of ticking needles next to you in the couch. Can't help it - the girls told me so...

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