November 29, 2010

Say it with flowers... and berries

a sequel to my earlier fabric flower post...

I was getting the glass to be brought to the glass container ready when I came across another of those clear glass juice bottles. I put it aside as it was exactly what I needed for another fabric flower project I 'd been thinking about. So on Friday afternoon, when I was done with all my chores I started on this fabric bottle cover. (I seem to have a penchant for covers on anything lately) Initially I planned on using a different type of fabric but I could immediately tell from the way the fabric draped around the bottle that it wouldn't work out the way I wanted, so I went looking for another type of fabric instead. In the back of a closet, I found some long forgotten sheer cotton fabric I once bought to make blinds for the kitchen windows of a house we no longer live in (no need to add I never made those blinds, I guess). I cut off about 30cm, enough to cover the bottle and make flowers from strips. Then, I simply draped the fabric in a single layer around the bottle and hand stitched the seam, with the bottle still in it for a perfect fit and gathering the fabric here and there to get a ruffled look. With the excess fabric near the top I made a first rose. Next I ripped strips from whatever was left to make the other flowers and I sewed them right onto the bottle cover (I didn't even bother to take the bottle out).

rose bottle
rose bottle

Making the bottle cover took me way less time than finding the right berries. I knew exactly which ones I wanted but I had the hardest time finding them. As a matter of fact I bought two large branches of them and cut of two twigs for the picture. The two big branches are now sitting in big vase on a drawer in our living room and I love it. It gives that winter - Christmas feel ( the outdoor temperatures are flirting with zero degrees Celsius which certainly helps). I like to have flowers in the house, but with the heating on they simple don't last that long. So, I hope the berries will last a little longer than just a couple of days...

And as to the bottle - it would make a nice little present and definitely would add that little something to any dinner table, don't you think?
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