February 9, 2011

DIY Japanese tape

DIY Japanese masking tape

Ok - you may want to classify this DIY idea under 'totally ridiculous', 'totally irrelevant', 'totally useless', whatever... but please, do keep on reading.

This idea just popped to my mind while I was cleaning up my messy crafts table and my eye fell upon
- my double sided tape, which was still sitting there after doing this post and hence has started collecting dust already which is not so good on double sided tape
- and a stack of security envelopes (you know, these envelopes used by banks, insurance companies, telephone companies, utility providers which usually contain bills).

And since anything's better than cleaning up a messy table on your birthday, I said to myself:
'How about making some (not so) Japanese masking tape and writing a tutorial!'
Why would one make his/her very own tape, you ask me?
- because the real stuff doesn't stick
- because it's late at night, stores are closed, you ran out of fancy tape and you need to wrap that present, so you are desperate to find a tutorial to solve this problem this instant!

Well keep on reading then as I have something for you - As a matter of fact it won't take more than a couple of lines to explain.

What you'll need:

- double sided tape
- security envelopes, or by extension: paper with a nice print (magazines, origami, wall paper, ...)
- cutting board or if you don't have one, a ruler, pencil and scissors

DIY Japanese masking tape


1. measure the width of your double sided tape
2. cut your paper in strips same width as your tape
3. make a guess of how much fancy tape you'll need
4. rip off a piece of tape, same length as your guess in step 3
5. stick tape to the back of your paper strip - cut off excess paper
6. Use to wrap your present!

That was easy, wasn't it!? And again the possibilities are endless.

Now, if you were wondering about those little boxes that I have used in at least two posts - I have twenty three (23!) left as they were part of an advent calendar we received from a big and generous company - some boxes still have a little chocolate inside as we made our own advent calendar and never got to finish this one.
I might try a couple of chocolates now, actually. It's my birthday after all, and since my table looks even messier now than it looked before anything's better than...

(munch, munch...)

Note: If you're interested in crafts using security envelopes check out this post with a non-exhaustive list of security envelope based crafts. Feel free to add more links to similar security envelope crafts in the comment section of today's post!
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