November 14, 2008

A creative night

We had a fun, creative evening tonight! We had an early dinner and then, instead of winding down in front of TV, the girls and I decided to do some crafts. I'd started a collage earlier this afternoon that I was more than happy to finish. And when I told M. that I really liked her self portrait I saw this morning in school, she wanted to make some more of that (they worked with soft pastels in art class). H. joined in and chose to work with some aquarel paint she still had left from a birthday present and tried the pastels too. And here are the results! M. made the nice tulip and another self portrait, H. did the three hearts and the colorful, happy house. (I still need to glue them onto the background paper and then these pictures are ready to go onto our kitchen wall!) Done that!!

The idea for the "what's cooking?"-collage came this afternoon when I was trying to figure out what we should have for dinner tonight. K.'s still out of town and usually he comes up with something when I'm running out of ideas for meals. After this collage and with the other stuff I still had on my to do list, for sure it had to be something fast and easy. And fast and easy it was!
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