December 8, 2008

Love in a box

We had quite a busy but fun weekend. Oma Nicole and Opa Bert visited us and brought the presents Sinterklaas dropped off in Brussels for the girls. The girls really enjoyed the special attention only grandparents can give. There was a lot of laughter, silliness, cuddling-up and "conspiracy" (H. packed some personal belongings as she wanted to go back to Brussels with Oma and Opa). As the weather was nice (though cold) we walked quite a bit through Paris and showed the Montmartre area, made a long walk along the Seine, went to the the Marché aux Fleurs et Oiseaux (maybe not such a smart thing to do as M. really wanted to adopt one of those cute, fluffy, little rabbits).
And in between all these activities and M.'s homework we even found time to make lots of snow flakes (thanks to maya*made: newspaper snowflake garland: a tutorial - as I was a little lazy we just used Origami paper instead of cutting our own squares) and to decorate and fill up our shoe box for the "Love in a Box" project which was due today. With just some tissue paper, a couple of snowflakes, glitter and lots of glue we were able to produce a really nice box. I hope we'll make a little girl happy with the small gifts inside.
Inspired by the first box, M. wanted to decorate a box of her own to stuff her little secrets inside. We worked on it together after grandma and grandpa had left and this one too turned out beautifully. I really like how she decorated the lid: yellow for the day, blue for the night.
The craft paper Sinterklaas brought came to a good use already... Dank u, Sinterklaasje!

3 comments: said...

oma Nicole en opa Bert hadden een fijn weekend in Parijs , we hebben er enorm van genoten ! veel plezier gehad , samen naar een grappige film gekeken ( wat hebben de meisjes gelachen ! )veel gewandeld , veel mooie plaatsen bezocht and last but not least , dank je Kurt voor dat lekker etentje , in een typische bistrot.... hmm wat waren de oesters lekker ! ;-)
margootje , je doos is net zo mooi als die van je mama

mayaluna said...

I love how you took the idea and reinvented it! What fabulous boxes... I LOVE them! I've put snowflakes on gifts, before... but nothing like these! Beautiful!

Pascale said...

I really need to find another box, as Helena wants to make one of her own too... They really worked out nicely and are so easy to make.

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