December 12, 2008

On display


When my parents visited last weekend, they didn't only bring presents from Sinterklaas, but also two of the three objects in this picture: the hook in the middle and the scissors. The hook belonged to my paternal grandfather, who started knotting rugs after his retirement. The scissors are my paternal grandmother's sewing scissors. My grandmother, "Bobonne" as we, her grandchildren, call her, is 94 now and moved to a nursing home a couple of weeks ago. I've always known her sewing, knitting, crocheting,... She's too old now for all of this, but she was really good at it. Thank you, nonkel Luc, for dropping these off with my parents! It is much appreciated as you can see!

I added the bobbin of sewing thread as I thought it fitted in nicely. This thread belonged to my maternal grandfather. He was a tailor in times when men still got their suits custom made.

Needless to tell why I like these three objects...

1 comment: said...

mooie herinneringen aan je kindertijd , iets om te koesteren , het hoeft niet altijd duur te zijn , en wetend dat het komt van personen die veel voor je betekend hebben is belangrijker dan de waarde van de spulletjes !

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