March 27, 2009

Inspire Me Thursday :: Ghost


This is my entry for this week's Inspire Me Thursday challenge: ghost.
It's actually a picture from the recyclables series I had fun with earlier this week. The original picture can be found here. I case you're wondering what it is: it's nothing else than the cap of an empty Coke bottle (Zero!!) photographed through the bottom of the bottle. I found the effect most intriguing and when I saw this week's challenge I immediately thought of this image. I played around with it a little - inverted the colors and added the blue. And there was "my ghost". I hope it won't come chasing me... WHOOOOO!!

Anyway, as I was taking a look at my most recent pictures, I noticed there has been a lot of black and darkness involved. And hardly any natural light (the flowers, the eggs, the headband - light box!). Don't get me wrong - I'm not depressed nor in a dark mood. It just happened. I'll try to do better at adding some color to my pictures and taking the camera outside the light box, where it has been residing almost continuously over the last couple of weeks. It's Spring after all, isn't it (but where's the sun??)!

Now, let that be my challenge for the days to come...color and natural light!
Have a nice weekend, everyone!
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