May 25, 2009

A little bit of summer...


We had a wonderful weekend with lots of sun and beach fun. It felt like summer. For once, I packed the right things: shorts and short sleeved shirts, sun hats and sunscreen. And sweaters for the evenings. Just perfect! Friday was a bit windy but otherwise we got so lucky with the weather.

T997 and next

We played on the beach, flew our kites, we picnicked. The girls even played in the water - not me, the temperature of the water being slightly too cold for me still. The girls raced down from the dunes on their sled - a favorite - they even talked grandpa into doing it, and my parent's little dog got a turn too. And last but not least: the girls got to test their new roller skates ("professional" inline skates, I should say), an early birthday present for both of them.


I was able to relax a bit, with a couple of magazines and had fun just watching the girls play. I took some photographs as well. Hence, it was a perfect weekend, if not for the traffic jam we ended up in on Saturday night. The usually 3 hour long drive home took us about 5 hours...


On Sunday, M. had another gym competition - the last one of the season, thank goodness! They ended 5th out of 15 teams - a nice performance, especially given the fact that all of our team's girls fell off the balance beam...

And now, I'm getting ready for what promises to be another busy week, with daddy gone until Friday night. I need to plan a giveaway here and two birthday parties and there's some way overdue paperwork to be done as well...
And then of course there's the visit of some very good friends from the U.S., which I'm really looking forward to!! We didn't see each other in two years, so there will be a lot to catch up with... Can't wait until it's Thursday, L.!

So, I'm wishing you all a fun and sunny week! Don't forget to stop by on Wednesday as I might have something special for you!!


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