May 31, 2009

Rendez-vous à Paris

Staircase at le musée Jacquemart-André - I (honestly!) didn't see the "no photographs"-sign at the entrance but got away with this one, when told not to take any pictures...

I'm so totally tired... but so totally happy, too!

My friend L. was visiting from the U.S. - she contacted me a couple of weeks ago to let me know her husband had to be in Paris for work and that she would join him on this short trip. We didn't see each other for almost two years. Our families were really close when we lived in California. We met through the playgroup she'd started and little M. and her little boy soon became best friends. We celebrated major holidays together, did many other fun activities with the playgroup kids and other moms. And our kids used to have their birthday parties together, being born just one day apart from each other. They were our "U.S. family", our real family living in Belgium. You can imagine the shock when one day L. announced they would move out-of-state - we had no idea at that time we would be moving to Paris just one year later...

So, now we met again. Here in Paris. It felt like we didn't spent two years on either side of the Atlantic - the sort of connection you only feel with the very best friends.
L. and I took long walks through Paris on Thursday and Friday, talking and talking, we sampled macaroons from Ladurée, went for a visit to le Musée Jacquemart-André, and walked some more (we made it to the Merci!-store). On Saturday night, our husbands were able to join us for dinner and we made plans to spend the summer of 2010 together, somewhere... Italy, maybe, or the U.S.??

L. and T., it was so good to see you!! Thanks for visiting and lets move ahead with those plans!!
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