July 4, 2009

Taking some time off...

hoping for some great blue skies like this one for the next couple of weeks...

Summer vacation now definitely has started for the girls and we already did some pretty fun stuff this week - to the extent that at night I feel so exhausted I totally lack the energy to do some "heavy" or even not so heavy writing.

I didn't take any pictures either this week, except for this one (testing a new polarizing filter - and it's true, it does give pretty blue skies!) and a "five-minutes/120 pictures" photo shoot of little H. and one of her very best friends A., who sadly enough for us, is moving with her family to the other side of the globe... A.'s mom also happened to be one of my very best friends here ... We'll miss you, guys! Please, keep us posted about your new adventures!

That said - I'm ready for a little break! I just need to take some time off to reload my batteries and to spend real quality time with our little family of four.

And after that, I'll be back as promised with some stories about Paris and maybe some craftiness too...

I'm wishing you lots of summer fun (or winter fun, depending on where you live) and I hope to meet you here again soon (in two weeks or so...)! OK?!

Oh, and to all of you in the U.S.: Have a wonderful Fourth of July!!


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