October 28, 2009

Diptych me :: day 1

#1 - Softly Folded

Soft folds
tulips, my favorite flowers
two-colored felt, from "l'entrée des fournisseurs"

#2 - Eye Candy

Eye Candy
Candy: Haribo's Dragibus
Felted beads in a Bonne Maman jam jar


RosaMaría said...

i love them!!!!!!

Jacqui said...

Beautiful beautiful colours! That two-toned felt is lovely, such a great idea.

nicole/brussels said...

mooi! zou zeggen; wat een kleurige dag vandaag!
tulpen zijn altijd mijn favoriete bloemen geweest, wat leuk is, iedere dag veranderen ze in een vaas!ze groeien, ze buigen, nemen grillige aan.....en houden lang vers!

britt said...

beautiful!! i love blogland. everyone seems to take such wonderful pictures, i am learning so much about my own photography and how to improve it by looking at everyone's beautiful photos. thank you.

cindy said...

my two favorite things in this post are your two diptychs!

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