October 13, 2009

Flower girl

This is a picture my grandma kept with her. It shows my cousin and me at the wedding of one of my uncles. I'm the little blond girl on the left. My guess is we were aged 4 at that time. It's the one and only time I was a flower girl. My parents told me I cried for the entire ceremony because I was scared of the photographer's flash. I must have erased that part from my memory... I do recall, however, how my little pinkie got stuck between a car door at some point. It seems like I cried a lot that day...

Aren't the dresses we wear lovely? I remember that dress in every detail: it was a long dress, slightly pink, and the fabric was some sort of cotton, with little bumps or "air pockets". I'm sure there's a standard name for that type of fabric. My mom made mine and my grandmother made my cousin's. I love the short puffed sleeves and the "Claudine" collar. After the wedding we both continued wearing it as short dresses.

When M. saw this picture last weekend, she laughed and said: "H. looks exactly like you! She has the same lips!" It's true. When I put this photograph next to pictures of little H. at that age, we sure have a lot in common.
"Elle est sa mère crachée", as they say in French...
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