November 3, 2009


You know by now how much I love the beach, I'm sure. And I've shown you at least a zillion of beach photographs. But I've rarely seen the beach as beautiful as last Thursday when we just got there.

Temperatures were mild.
A veil of fog was draped over the sea.
Sky and sea were one. No dividing line between the two of them.
The low sun adding a slight touch of golden.
The only ones there were the four of us.
And seagulls.
Lots of them. Waiting for the sun to set.
And a fisher man catching shrimp.
And some people horseback riding near the waterline.

All was quiet.
Even the waves...

Truly magical...


nicole/brussels said...

wat een prachtige foto's, ik krijg er heimwee van, naar jullie, naar de kust, naar die prachtige dag samen op stap met de kleindochters, met jou, papa en de hondjes, een dag om voor altijd verbonden te blijven met deze foto's!!MOOI is al wat ik kan zeggen!!

Elsa said...

beautiful photographs ... made me want to go to the beach too.

RosaMaría said...

fantastic photographs... all really looks magical!

cindy said...

your photos are really gorgeous. i love the twilight feel and the sand looks like ice. so wonderful. glad you had fun and it sounds like it was peaceful.

gret said...

Gorgeous photography Pascale. Absolutely beautiful. I also just wanted you to know that I've done a little write up and link to you on my blog today. Thanks for sharing your work with us!

Andrea, the collector said...

Beautiful, almost other-worldly, photos. The on with the horses reminds me of a mirage in an Arabian tale. Magic!

nicole/brussels said...

nog eens je foto's bekeken, en zoals je zegt; I'ts Magic!!!
zelden zo'n mooie strandfoto's gezien, en wat een kleurenpracht!

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