December 11, 2009

DIY Christmas tree ornaments

 DIY Christmas tree ornaments

Last week I extensively wrote about whether to get a real Christmas tree or not. We did get one, eventually. And this year the girls took care of decorating it all by themselves (which means they're getting big...) - all I had to do was put in the lights and a couple of garlands. They decided to keep it simple. No glittery garlands this year (it took M. a while to convince little sister). They even didn't put in all the balls we have. Not because they grew tired of decorating but just because they thought it looked prettier that way. I've tried to take pictures of the tree - but I can't simply make it work. Though we do have lots of natural light coming in, the light is not good in that particular spot, and I don't like to use flash.
But I took some pictures of - only some of - the homemade ornaments we have.

Cinnamon applesauce ornaments
Our favorite ornaments by far are the cinnamon applesauce ones. Both girls made cinnamon applesauce ornaments in preschool. We still have them. I keep them in a ziplock bag with the other ornaments. And every year they're the first ones to come out of the box. The smell of these is simply divine, even after those many years. The star in the upper left, is one of the cinnamon applesauce ornaments we made at home. You can find a recipe and instructions here. Instead of letting them air dry on a rack, I believe, we put them in the oven for a while.

Cinnamon sticks
Yesterday, while I was rummaging through our herbs and spices, I came across these cinnamon sticks. I tied some of my fake baker's twine around it, made a loop, and done - little logs for the tree...

Cork Christmas trees
Some of you might remember these. For the how-to, check-out last year's post about them here.

Felt ornaments
These are really easy to make - a nice first sewing project for the little ones. Trace a star twice on a piece of felt - we use cookie cutters for that - cut out, and sew the two pieces together using small stitches and leaving a small opening. Stuff some fiber fill inside. Finish up the sewing. Make a loop at the top, and ready.

So now, you have an idea of what we have in our Christmas tree (there's more - if only I could make that picture work). Do you have favorite ornaments?


Little Treasures said...

Hello. I just found your blog through oneprettything and must say that I am under the spell of your blog. Read every post thru May and decided to take a break because my poor heart will burst out ;)
I love your tutorials, your phenomenal writing, the amazing pictures...
You are truly an inspiration!
P.S Enchanted by your ornaments!

nicole/brussel said...

leuke DIY ideetjes, keep it simple is nog altijd een goede raad, vooal met al die over-consumptie tegenwoordig!de geest van kerstdag gaat zo helemaal verloren,daar waar de betekenis zou moeten zijn; gezellig samen zijn, knutselen, vertellen aan de kinders hoe je zelf kerstdag beleefde toen op hun leeftijd, hoe je samen dicht bijeen in de grote divan zat, in de lekker warme living, samen leuke films bekijken! ik zie mijn kinders nog genieten van "de notenkraker", met glunderende gezichtjes kijkend naar de " tinnen soldaatjes" die dansten.
om af te sluiten, ik ben zeker dat de meisjes en de mama veel plezier gehad hebben bij het maken van de ornamenten, vooral de cinnamon applesauce fasineert me, zal eens moeten bekijken hoe die gemaakt wordt!

Andrea, the collector said...

I love Christmas ornaments. We just decorated our tree last night. It is such a funny tradition, decorating a tree with all these little trinkets! But I really love it. Most of our ornaments have been collected from the many places we've visited as a couple, so decorating the tree is like going down memory lane. I love that!

My favorite this year is the one my parents gave me the year I was three. It is a brass cut-out of the partridge in a pear tree, engraved by them, because I learned that song that year. How sweet!

Kylie said...

I'm intrigued by your applesauce ornaments! I have never heard of them before and I like the idea that they smell lovely could you let me know how they are made?

Kylie said...

Sorry must be going blind I can see the link now DOH!

cindy said...

these are the most wonderful ideas! i especially love the wine corks.

Little Birdie Secrets said...

Love these!

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