December 1, 2009

Security envelopes

Security envelopes abstract

The things you can do with security envelopes! It's been a true hype in blogosphere, lately. Since I have plenty of security envelopes (I'm one of those people who keeps correspondence in the original envelope for months before filing) and plenty more of all kinds of paper and card stock after last weekend's clean-up activities, I went out yesterday to go buy one of those circular punch cutters - I don't know if that's what they're called, but I guess you know what I mean. One of those "you slam on it" cutters which come in all shapes and sizes. They came in all shapes and sizes at the store I went to, but not in big circles unfortunately. Sold out (no surprise, really - see first sentence)! A little frustrated I left - I'll have to put my ideas on hold for a while, I guess.

But... you can also photograph security envelopes. And that's what I did instead. Security envelopes abstracts - well, one envelope and one plastic plug-in cell phone holder is what I used for these photographs. And my by far favorite macro lens.

How about that! If you can't punch it you just photograph it...

Now, for those of you interested in crafts using security envelopes, here's a short list of things you could do:

- the most gorgeous paper cut art using security envelopes by Kristiina Lahde
- How about orange - cup cake flags
- notepads at Little Paper Dog
- and through Little Paper Dog I also found cupcake toppers and garlands at Creature Comforts
- and again through Little Paper Dog: plenty of other ideas at iDiY
- Craft-Werk: security envelopes made out of... security envelopes, beads and garlands
- Crafting a green world: more envelopes
- tags at the Felt Mouse
- security envelope patterns and buttons at The Sweetie Pie Press

And since, now, I have the list up here, I won't have to go through all my bookmarks again, once I found that circular cutter that is...
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