December 14, 2009

Sewing too :: kids' embroidery

Kids embroidery

It's definitely winter here now. This means more indoor activities, like crafts, painting, drawing... and now sewing, too. Both of my girls have shown interest lately in learning how to sew. Little H. actually never held a needle before, but told me several times she wanted to learn how to sew, too.

Last Wednesday we got started. And the result you can see in the pictures. The little dog was made by big sister M.. The cat is from little H.'s hand. The pattern for these little critters we found in the book "Kids' embroidery. Projects for Kids of All Ages." by Kristin Nicholas, a book with lots of fun projects, which I can really recommend, and not just for kids... Both girls got the hang of it - little H. even decided to add more detail, like the little collar (that was after she detected the golden embroidery thread in my sewing box). I hope we'll do some more...

Kids embroidery


nicole/brussels said...

echt leuk en mooi gedaan, ze mogen beide fier zijn op hun kunstwerkjes!

Crafty Cripple said...

Oh wow, they are so gorgeous. You must be bursting with pride. What clever kids you have produced!

blue moss said...

They are so wonderful. Such fabulous creations :)

cindy said...

they are absolutely wonderful! i love them both, equally!

PaloEABJM said...

They are sooo cute!!!!!

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