December 17, 2009

Snow flakes

Snow Flake


These two pictures were shot one week apart. Exactly one week ago, I spotted this little fellow on our balcony, happily dancing around, preparing what might have been his last dinner (I looked it up: spiders either die or hibernate when winter hits). The thermometer indicated 14°C. The temperatures have dropped considerably since, flirting with a mere 0°C for days in a row, now.

This morning my girls were the ones to be happily dancing around. In the news, they announced snow for today, but when we woke up, there was no snow to be seen. "Ah, well! They got it wrong again...", we said.
Fifty minutes later, however, when we were about to leave for school it started snowing - and it still is. The girls just loved it. The two of them ran upfront all the way to school, while I was struggling, pulling the caddy loaded with snacks for H.'s Christmas party in class and both girls' teachers' presents. I kept looking down, watching my steps - glasses are so annoying with this kind of weather...

I just looked outside my window and everything is covered in white and looks so peaceful. Will this be enough to get me in the mood for the holidays...? Not so sure... But it definitely got the girls in a good mood.
It's sticky snow, so it might last. I hope the girls had their snow fight at recess...their first one, for this year...
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