December 4, 2009


Fiber love - cheese cloth (for more click here)

First of all I want to thank you for all the comments you left on my last post. They really helped me putting things into perspective.

So what did we decide? We'll get a tree - a real one. Tomorrow, most likely. As some of you pointed out they're just grown for that purpose and if you recycle them properly it should be ok. Paris does have a recycling program - I just checked. You just drop off your tree at one of the many parks where it gets mulched and spread out right away. We live near one of the participating parks, so I already feel much better about it. I like the idea of buying one in a pot but right now that's not an option, since we live in an apartment. I've actually tried this before, but I wasn't very successful at it - the tree died a few months before... Christmas. Turns out the potted ones not always have full grown roots or got the roots cut to fit in the pot...
So, tomorrow we'll probably be decorating our Christmas tree... The girls can't wait, I can tell you...

And then there was the flu shot and it looks like we'll get that one as well. I did some research (thank you, Jacqui for the link to the New Scientist article) and spoke to a couple of people today who are active in the medical field and they all recommended it. The flu as such might be mild, but when complications occur they're usually severe and hit the younger ones especially... We have another weekend to give it some thought.

So, what's up for next week? On Monday, I'll announce the winner of the Sew, Mama, Sew! December giveaway - make sure to check in on Monday! If you haven't signed up yet, you can still do so until December 6th, 8:00 PM CET.

Also next week, I'll post some pictures of the finished product of my experiment. I worked on it today and I can tell you already that I'm very pleased with the outcome and so was the rest of the family...

But for now, I'm just wishing you a very nice and relaxing weekend!


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