February 18, 2010



I worked on a small project with leather again this week. When I went out to find the new legs for the mini couch make over, I also checked out the "leather department" at the same store and found a piece of white leather with a slight pearl shimmer and a piece of brown shiny leather. Shiny and shimmery, are so not me at first sight.

The daffodil buds in the snow still fresh in my mind and the ric-rac of this wallet I got myself last summer, inspired me to make this little wallet.
I paired it up with a hopefully white and hopefully soon to bloom hyacinth.



CraftyCripple said...

Gorgeous little wallet. I wish I had the confidence to actually try working with leather as I am always really inspired by the things I see other people making.

Pascale said...

Well, working with leather isn't always easy, I can tell you! I'm a bit selective in showing my projects. There are quite a couple of things that didn't make it to the blog...
The main problem working with leather, is you can't pin pieces together and the thicker the leather the harder it is to sew, depending on the sewing machine you have. This time the sewing went really well, actually, because I used special leather needles on the machine and the leather was rather thin and soft. Also, instead of using pins you can use paper clips to keep pieces together, I was told.

Having said that, just give it a try. Start out with a piece of recycled leather - you can't go wrong with that - and a very simple project. When things work out, I find working with leather very rewarding!

cindy said...

i love the wallet and the colors go perfectly with the flowers. i'm also intimidated by leather but your advice and tips are encouraging.

blue moss said...

ohhhh...love your little wallet...love the mix of the leather and the ricrac

nicole/brussels said...

echt een mooi geldbeugeltje, waar haal jij toch al die fantastische ideëen vandaan!ik ben trots en jaloers terzelfder tijd, mooi gedaan pascale en mooie kleurtjes ook!
was vergeten iets te zeggen over de mooie foto's in al mijn enthousiasme!

holly p said...

such a cute wallet! I want to start working with leather too!

One Flew Over said...

Very nice. I love the simplicity of the wallet, the ric rac detail really sets of the chocolate brown.

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