March 26, 2010


It's been an odd week. It flew by and I didn't get half the things done I'd plan for. And then, on the other hand, I did plenty of things which I didn't plan for. But overall, this week left me somewhat frustrated. Frustrated because I wasn't able to free up time for all the projects I had in mind. I did finish one project, though, which I'm extremely happy about - I will post pictures of it on Monday. All I can tell you right now is that it involves some leather and some green... So make sure to stop by if you'd like to find out.
In the meantime, however, I'm wishing you a lovely weekend and I hope next week will go somewhat smoother here...
Take care!

xo, P.


nicole/brussels said...

ik vind de combinatie van de twee vaasjes geslaagd, zowel de kleuren, alsook de vorm van de één en de ander vind ik een mooi duo!
de ganse foto is geslaagd voor mij, ook wat schaduwspel betreft, eerst zie je het grijze van de muur en plots dan de kleuren, zéér mooi!
I love it a lot :-)

la.daridari said...

don't worry: it's springtime!


The week has been busy here as well, as Daria said, spring is here and a lot of work has to be done in the garden, on the terrasse and inside the house - well, at least here.

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