April 23, 2010

A man and his boat...

I can't believe this week is almost over. It just started.
I didn't even manage to keep to my more or less regular posting schedule.
So what have we been up to? Nothing much really but we had a nice and relaxing week. Since the weather has been great all week we tried to spend time outside as much as possible. Not that going out to buy shoes (M.'s feet are getting bigger...) really counts as an outdoor activity, but we walked a lot that day.

On Thursday we went to les Jardins du Luxembourg - always a favorite place for many reasons. We started our afternoon there with some quiet time first - equipped with that morning's harvest of library books, we sat down and read. Well the girls read and I took pictures - of them and the people around us. And then we started walking (the girls wanted to go to the swings) and that's when we came across this man and his boat. It took him several years to build and an old stroller to carry it around town. The boat was entirely made out of sticks, wood, string, lots of string, even more string, old shirts, paper,... and was further decorated with toys, charms, jewelry, little notes from passerby... As I was taking pictures I overheard the guy who made the boat and his friend debating on how they could make it float - "deux bidons de cinq litres, peut-être?" Clearly, they weren't done with this project.

We continued our way through the park, to the swings and next to the playground. While the kids were playing I wrote down a couple more ideas for bags. And then I remembered this lovely boat by Ann Wood with tutorial... Wouldn't that be a nice project for the girls and me?

So, yesterday morning I asked my girls if they were into some boat making? "YES!!" Too lazy to start up my computer, the only one connected to a printer, I decided to make a design of my own. The first design didn't make it, but we thought the second one looked ok enough. Since I just got rid of all of our cardboard boxes I used some heavy weight bristol paper instead. The three of us worked the rest of the morning and a good part of the afternoon at covering the bristol paper with newspaper strips. We still need to give our boat some sails (good thing little H. has been collecting sticks lately...) and have to further decorate it (the girls went through their jewelry boxes already...) but we are unanimous: our boat is going to be great.
Most likely, it won't float, but, hey, aren't we good swimmers... ?!

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