May 14, 2010

Egg love and cake

 egg love

I wrote a couple of times already about little H's egg allergy and how she's gradually outgrowing that one (not the nut allergy, unfortunately). She's at the point now where she can eat a slice of homemade cake without any problem. And today she even helped making the batter, together with big sister M. and under my strict supervision. I won't let her touch nor eat raw eggs - uncooked versus cooked makes a huge difference when it comes to her allergy.
The cake's in the oven now (that smell!! - divine and totally calorie free!) and we can't wait until it comes out and cools down so we can eat a slice (though my scale is telling me I shouldn't be doing this, really).

And although we had grown used to our egg less homemade baked goods, an egg or two really makes a difference...

Note: Since we're talking about eggs, here are the most splendid egg photo's ever. I found them on Flickr some time ago. You should really check them out, even if you're not an egg lover!


nicole/brussels said...

leuk voor kleine H. eindelijk eens genieten van een echt, zacht en smakelijk stukje cake, want zeg nu zelf, met een paar eitjes erin maakt een groot verschil! hopelijk gaat het ooit de goede richting uit met haar notenallergie!
By the way, de foto's Egg Love zijn mooi!! I like them!

RosaMaría said...

ohhh that that smell! is great the things with her allergy are in control and she can eat a slice of cake...
beautiful photo, i love eggs shoots!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I can smell that cake from here and don't worry it's calorie free right! ;-)

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