May 14, 2010

Egg love and cake

 egg love

I wrote a couple of times already about little H's egg allergy and how she's gradually outgrowing that one (not the nut allergy, unfortunately). She's at the point now where she can eat a slice of homemade cake without any problem. And today she even helped making the batter, together with big sister M. and under my strict supervision. I won't let her touch nor eat raw eggs - uncooked versus cooked makes a huge difference when it comes to her allergy.
The cake's in the oven now (that smell!! - divine and totally calorie free!) and we can't wait until it comes out and cools down so we can eat a slice (though my scale is telling me I shouldn't be doing this, really).

And although we had grown used to our egg less homemade baked goods, an egg or two really makes a difference...

Note: Since we're talking about eggs, here are the most splendid egg photo's ever. I found them on Flickr some time ago. You should really check them out, even if you're not an egg lover!
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