May 12, 2010

My kitchen - absolutely

lunch box favorite - tomatoes, absolutely

absolutely favorite lunch boxes - polka dots

absolutely favorite red - tomato red

absolutely messy - aprons and favorite bags

absolutely favorite pots and pans - Le Creuset and its cheaper fellow from IKEA - we couldn't do without

absolutely clean favorite pinks and reds - wish it came dry and nicely folded out of the washer


nicole/helewaut said...

grappig item, leuke foto's, I like it!!absolutely funny :-)

RosaMaría said...

absolutely great post!

Crafting in the beach hut said...

Absolutely great photos :) I love your apron hanging up and your polka dot lunch bags - they look well loved. xox

cindy said...

orange/red in every hue is definitely your color. love your kitchen and photos!

saffiertje said...

I LVE those polkadotted lunchbags!!! AWESOME!!!! Where did you find those cuties???



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