May 2, 2010

A short trip...

Apple blossoms
Some of the apple blossoms that colored the garden of our hotel...

We just got back from a short trip we took. Very last minute (very last minute should have been my last name) but so much fun. It was little H. who gave us the idea. She learned about it in school and decided she wanted to go see for herself. We were lucky to still find a hotel less than 48 hours before leaving - what would one do without the internet? If you ever travel to the area, I highly recommend le Gué de Beauvoir - an absolutely great hotel especially when traveling with children. Not the classic touristy kind of hotel typical for an area like this, but a family-run, charming little hotel with additional little "cabanes" in a big garden, landscaped to look like it's not landscaped, in which they very well succeeded. We were lucky to have one of those little cabins. So, in between the sightseeing - and we did quite some as we explored a bit of both Brittany and Normandy - you'd find us relaxing in the garden. We didn't even bother to go out for dinner in the evenings. Instead we had our little picnic outside in the yard. The girls played outside until late at night - M. tried to tame the unicycle she found there, much at the expense of her shins. And since there was no TV (so nice for a change!) we all read in bed instead.

Our little getaway was totally improvised but so totally cool and fun!

Mont Saint-Michel
The Mont Saint-Michel as seen from the Couesnon river banks, just behind our hotel.

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel

As much as we liked the Mont Saint-Michel, I believe our favorite part of the trip was our hike towards la Pointe du Grouin and its breathtaking views...

La Pointe du Grouin

La Pointe du Grouin

La Pointe du Grouin

La Pointe du Grouin


nicole/brussels said...

het moet een prachtige streek zijn zo te zien!zegt me wel iets, ooit wil ik naar Normandïe, alsook Bretagne!

ArtMind said...

Ik kan je alleen maar beamen: fantastisch gebied. Leuk zo'n onverwacht tussendoortje! :)

virginia said...

twice in my life i managed to visit this spot - breathtaking!once in the summer of 1965, and again in january 2002.

when i was eleven, we stayed in a tiny hotel, maybe 4 rooms? the innkeeper asked my mother what we would like to eat for dinner. she prepared ham, tomatoes, peas and fried potatoes - per request. the vegetables were from her garden, and the fried potatoes were "french fries - one of my favorite meals, ever.

Michaela said...

Mount Saint Michel is a very beautiful place. If you once was there you will never forget.
Nice captures.

Mandy said...

Oh, it all looks so divine, great photographs !!!

cindy said...

improvised sounds great. no expectations = many surprises. your photos look wonderful! i love the ship/boat - so old world.

Valerie said...

this is close to us and a place we enjoy in the low season when not crowded.
your photos are beautiful. thanks for sharing !

Andrea, the little collector said...

Wow, wow, wow! What a beautiful, romantic place. I want to visit and walk by the sea. What views!

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