June 1, 2010

Almost ten

Our weekend and the beginning of the week didn't go exactly as planned health wise. I ended up spending most of the weekend in bed with a bad migraine and on Monday little H. came down with a mild case of gastro. But we're both doing much better now, to the extent that little H. was feeling like doing some crafts this afternoon. And me too!
With big sisters' 10th (TEN!) birthday coming up next week we could think of a couple of projects easily. You won't get any pictures for now for obvious reasons, except for the one at the top of this post - a little something I whipped together this afternoon, with twill tape and pieces of fabric. No more details, though I'm sure some of you might know what I'm hinting at...
My almost ten year old happens to read my blog from time to time so ssshhhttt! Let's keep that our little secret a little while longer...

Wishing you a great and healthy week!

xo, P.
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