June 3, 2010

I finally got ...

... labels!


Simple, very simple. Very low-profile too. Grey on white. Woven.
I might consider a bigger print next time I order, but I like them. Also, when I ordered I couldn't make up my mind on where to put capital letters. B? B and L? B, B, and L? Eventually, I went with the way my blog title is printed.
The abundance of //'s may be misleading but the bold ones are for cutting - there was no way to get around these, so it got me all worried that my order would get misinterpreted. But all went well.

I bought them here, still one of my favorite merceries in Paris, though I began to like the mercery around the corner too, recently.
I did check out all of your suggestions (thank you so much!), but decided to go locally in the end.
Faster and also cheaper, because I could order in small quantities...

Now that I have labels, I should start on a new project, don't you think?!
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