July 16, 2010

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Rainbow tree

Earlier this week we visited this cute little village, Puy l'Eveque, and found quite a few surprises there besides the weekly market we intended to visit. Different alleys across the village were "dressed up" in one way or another - with old shoes, umbrellas, word art, ... So much fun - we felt like being on a treasure hunt wondering what would turn up in the next alley.
And we all loved this tree decorated with a most colorful crocheted scarf.

To be honest: this visit made my fingers itch...





Baa-Me Kniits said...

How much fun is that!! I loved the umbrella alley and that yarn bombed tree....I would love to do that!

Anisbee said...

It's so fun to rediscover Puy l'évêque this way on your blog. "Re-discover" because I'm a "Lotoise" and will be back in the Lot next week to visit my family during the holidays!
Hope the yarnbombed tree and the amazing umbrellas and shoes will still be there, I might go and have a look...

cindy said...

it looks fantastic and i love your photos, especially the one of your daughter (?) and her long legs. wonderful shot!

blue moss said...

love all the pictures from your vacation!!
hard to come home...and start school again....my kids go back in less than 3 weeks...i'm not ready

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