September 2, 2010

Back to school and a new bag

denim bag

Our summer vacation has come to an end. It was great. It was fun. I was in good company all summer.
But tomorrow part of my good company is going back to school. I'm sure that will be great and fun too. They're so ready to see their friends, to make new ones and to finally meet their new teachers.
We've been busy preparing and labeling all the school supplies for the last couple of days.
The girls got new back packs and I... a new sturdy denim shopping bag for the occasion!

Don't you like those handles?! I got the idea from a bag in Making Leather Bags Lesson 1,2 by Umami Yoshimi Ezura, a Japanese craft book I bought over summer and which I found here (thanks, Michelle, for those links!). If you like stylish, simple and minimalistic bags like me, this is a must have book!

This was my first craft in weeks, and it won't be the last as I have plenty of denim and leather left!

'Wishing everyone a happy September!




RosaMaría said...

these bag is pretty awesome!!! well done Pascale!!

cindy said...

i love the bag. i'm very into shades of gray lately and the way you incorporated the selvedge is wonderful. i have a couple of her books, although i've just stared at the pictures at this point! enjoy your weekend!

Katie Bright said...

That bag is adorable!!! So simple and chic, I love it!

Anna said...

just beautiful and I love the denim and leather together, I must check out that book. :) beautiful work as always

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Lovely strong bag....any lace in that?? Enjoy getting some quiet time now the kiddies have gone back to school :-)

nicole/brussels said...

Dit vind ik nu pas echt eens " een zeer mooie tas ", ik meen het, was er direct weg van! Het mijne dat je me gaf heb ik meegedaan op week-end en had er succes mee! Was practisch om pull in te droppen en nadien de spullen die ik op de markt in Bomal gekocht had!

endy smith said...

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