October 25, 2010

DIY :: Last minute Halloween fix - a witch's cloak

Little witch 2

The Toussaint vacation has started here and as always on the last school day before the break, they celebrated Halloween at little H's school. For weeks she'd been debating about what to wear and then on Thursday she finally made a decision. She wanted to be a witch. Only problem: her witch hat was nowhere to be found! On Thursday afternoon, 5:00 p.m., I promised I would fix her something for the next day and off I ran to the mercerie around the corner. Their selection of fabric is limited but they had black lining - just what I needed for a quick fix, last minute witch's cloak! 45 minutes later, I had a happy little witch running around the house. A black shirt and skirt and matching tights and she was all set! I also promised her I would put on some face painting in the morning, so she would look like a real witch.
She was too excited to sleep and woke up in the middle of the night a couple of times. In the morning, too excited for being tired, she got dressed in no time, even thought of brushing her teeth without me having to remind her, and had a final look at the wrinkles and witch's warts I drew on her face. She looked like a real witch, she said approvingly.
As we walked to school she kept on rattling about how great this day would be and about all the candy they would get and what everybody else would be wearing. Right before we reached school, she took off her winter coat, I messed up her hair a bit with my fingers so it would look a bit more witch like, we adjusted her cape and off she went... as happy as could be, my little witch...!
Though they do this every year at school, and you'd expect I got used to it by now, it gets me all sentimental over and over again. Seeing that little girl, who still likes to dress up, her sérieux when doing so, disappear in the crowd, swallowed by the other monsters, witch's, sons and daughters of Frankenstein, gave me a warm feeling inside.
Her Halloween day at school went really well - she got plenty of candy, even got some for her sister, and at night, that little witch of mine, fell asleep on my lap before we could even take care of the wrinkles and warts still on her little face...

Little witch 1

If you are as desperate as we were last Thursday about finding a real witch's outfit, below there's a rough sketch of how you could make a witch's cloak in no time. I hope you don't mind my rather poor drawing skills. Since I had to rush it a little bit, there was no time for the usual step-by-step pictures ...

I'm wishing you all a happy Halloween!

Easy witches cape


la.daridari said...

thank you for the idea... I like very much the pictures sequence!

nicole/brussels said...

leuk verhaaltje, en leuke foto's van een gelukkig kind!

britt said...

looks wonderful.

cindy said...

i love these action shots!

vujo91 said...

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