January 12, 2011


Glitter and Glamour

Today, winter sales start in Paris. Officially, I should immediately add. For the past week or so there were 'ventes privées' everywhere already with discounted prices for people holding fidelity cards - which most people do.

I hardly ever make it to the sales on the very first day. I try to avoid the big crowds, the hysterics, the long lines. Which doesn't mean I don't like sales. But I prefer to be surprised. Like when we were in Belgium over the holidays and we found out about a big sale at one of our favorite shoe stores. They were closing for renovation. M. and I each found a nice pair of high leather boots and little H. chose something, well, very little H. like. Read: shiny, sparkling, a bit glamorous... And since it were sales and these Mary Janes were extremely cheap for a fully leather shoe, I couldn't say no. The weather hasn't been any good for wearing them outside, but this doesn't mean she can't break them in inside, right? With a pair of tights in a totally off color and skirts her legs grew too long for, she looks totally adorable...

As for today's sales - I think we might spend the day inside as it is pouring outside, unless... We'll see...
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