March 16, 2011

SOS Japan Sale - Hurry up!

SOS Japan

Oatmeal colored linen, a leather rising sun, and a very nice tomato red and white narrow chalk line cotton make this a very stylish shopping bag - the perfect accessory for summer. It's now available in my Etsy shop.

100% of this sale will go to the Red Cross Japanese Disaster Relief Fund.
Shipping is free.

H: 31cm without handles - 59cm with handles included
W: 43cm

Small pocket on the inside.

Hurry up - there's only one available!  Update: the bag has found a new owner! Thank you for your generosity, Lauren!

PS: I considered the option of keeping an auction as suggested by some of you in the comments on my previous post - an idea I liked a lot - however, there were quite a few practical issues which made me decide to just go ahead and sell through Etsy. But, many thanks for the suggestions made!
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