March 4, 2011

Three happy girls...

blue moss

Last Friday when we came home from running errands we found the cutest presents in our mail box, sent to us by Michelle, from blue moss.
A bracelet for me, so precious! And oh! did you see that little snap!
And the cutest bobby pins ever for the girls.
Everything wrapped so beautifully (that old pattern paper on the pretty!).

So, thank you, Michelle! Thank you so, so much!
This bracelet will be my Spring time, Summer time, anytime favorite!

You can find more from the wonderful blue moss here and here...

Wishing you all a happy, generous weekend!

xo, P.


cindy said...

you are lucky indeed times three. such prettiness from the sweetest (and prettiest) girl. enjoy your weekend!

did you see this?

Janiece said...

very pretty

nicole/brussels said...

how nice to get these lovely presents from Michelle from Blue moss! I'm hope to see the bracelet this summer when you come to Belgium! I suppose the girls are happy too with their bobby pins, perhaps a picture would made us see how beautyfulnthy are with!!:-)

blue moss said...

oh...thanks for the lovely shout-out!! ...and of course...your pictures make everything look so good :)
i am so glad you like them
all the best

Tereza Anton said...

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