May 24, 2011

Flower petal shoes :: the kids version

Kids flower petal shoes :: DIY

It's like the past couple of weeks all I've been doing is packing and unpacking. First for the move. Then big girl M. left on a trip with school (which was great, by the way!). Yesterday little H. left with her class for a trip until the end of the week. And today, before dawn, K. set off on a business trip.

Packing. Unpacking.
Boxes. Suitcases. Backpacks.
Packing. Unpacking.

Result: I'm way behind on blog reading and I have been kind of absent here, too. But, I'm working on it as of today!

Kids flower petal shoes :: DIY

So, to start with, here is the kids version of last weeks up-cycled espadrilles. This pair of (really cheap) gym shoes (which they needed for the trip) went in little H.'s suitcase as a little surprise (it became sort of a habit here - we stick little surprises in suitcases whenever someone goes on a trip). All I did, was cut some petals out of the Petit Pan fabric scraps I bought a while ago. I used four petals per flower. Folded and layered them and next, sewed them together, as explained here.
Simple and easy - so, easy a kid could do this as no special sewing skills are required. Perfect as a birthday party craft, if you ask me.

I absolutely like the result and they're SO much little H.
I'm pretty confident she loved them when she unpacked her suitcase!

Kids flower petal shoes :: DIY


nicole/brussels said...

echt mooi, en de kleurtjes zijn zo levendig en goed passend, mooi staaltje creativiteit!

bicocacolors said...

Son divinas!!!!

kristina said...

So adorable!

Creative Mom said...

So cute I could do that for my daughters Toms! I don't have any espadrilles but I love what you did with yours.

Out on a limb said...

Very very cute and so simple!
It's amazing how you come up with these ideas.
You're wardrobe must be so awesome....

karen m. said...

Love the bright, fun shoes! Such a sweet treat. I also like your very busy-busy haiku! Hope your toe is better and that you're settling into your new home. Hugs from karen m.

Chahrazad said...

so cute, and inspiring Thanks alot

marla grace said...

those are so cute, i could just eat them up!

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