September 28, 2011

A simple linen bag

simple linen bag

Could it get any simpler?
Plain oatmeal colored linen, herringbone woolen twill tape (I wish I had bought more of it...) and linen woven tape for the handles. No lining. All inner seems are finished the French way. And there are two inner side pockets as well. One and the same pattern as this one and this one.

I got one remark, though, from K. and the girls: where's the decoration? Where's the little square? I wasn't intending on adding one - but what do you think? To square or not to square?

Note: I know some of you were interested in finding a copy of the book in English. The title of the book in English is: Linen & Cotton Natural Clothes - Japanese Sewing Pattern Book for Women - and it's written by Kyoko Sakauchi. I found one available here...


Ine said...

I think I am going to try this tonight:)


Vicki said...

I love it! and I'm a big fan of the squares, but the simplicity of this is perfect.

eloleo said...

Al ben ik fan van je vierkantjes, deze is toch af zonder. Op z'n simpelst, op z'n mooist.

bicocacolors said...

simple bags but really beautiful bags, the colors are fab!

irene said...

When you recommend the book, do you mind that the patterns are no yours but from the book???
The bag is really nice.

Anonymous said...

Please ,could anyone tell where I could buy linen ( plain oatmeal coloured ,light weight but strong ) linen just like this ? Happy stitching .

Anonymous said...

Really love this bag...thank you .Where can I find the pattern please ? and where can I find linen just like this ?
All the best, Thady

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