September 19, 2011


and yet another bag ...

I can't seem to get enough of my new sewing machine. And it feels like it gave my creativity a new boost as well. So far, it's done perfectly well whatever I asked it to do. Silk blouse? No problemo! Leather? Don't make me laugh! Sewing's no longer a battle. (Well there's a good thing about having had to sew with a not so good machine - it allowed me to develop certain skills and tricks and a way around certain things my machine wasn't able to do.) My new machine and me, however, form a perfect team! We speak the same language. The result is that I've been very productive lately. Not only did I finish my silk blouse over the weekend, I also whipped this bag together yesterday afternoon - it's a different design from my usual bags and I really like it. I got the pattern from this lovely book 'VĂȘtements en lin et coton. La couture nature.' by Kyoko Sakauchi which I bought a while ago. What I like about this particular bag is that it's very roomy. The perfect shopping tote, if you ask me. Of course I had to add some of my 'signature' leather squares! I have a couple more ideas in mind with this very same bag pattern... I'll keep you posted...

I haven't made up my mind yet but this bag might end up in my Etsy shop together with its yellow fellow and a couple of other things. I just need a couple of hours to focus and set up the pages (this is the part I don't like about Etsy - it takes a lot of time to set up).
But before I do so I need to catch up on laundry and ironing - that's what you get with all the sewing... Everything else piles up, not to speak from the mess it generates. But, lets focus on the ironing first now...

Wishing you all a creative and productive week!

xo, P.


Peggy said...

This bag is simple yet stunning! Its funny as I make so many bags but have yet to sell one. No its not from lack of interest but simply that I end up gifting them to friends and family. Do you know if the book you mentioned is available in English as well?

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Lori @ Studio Waterstone said...

Love the new bag! In fact, I'm loving the elegant lines of all of your bags.

Listening to you reminds me that my machine is in dire need of an annual tune-up. Calling today.

You have a great week as well.

Ine said...

That bag was so cool!!
Love it:)
I hope the book is available in Norway:)


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