September 20, 2011

Pretty in silk

Pretty in silk

I mentioned my silk blouse a couple of times already. I meant to show you pictures of me wearing it, but am to lazy/ busy right now to set up all my gear for an auto-portrait photo shoot. So here are a couple of pictures of the blouse on a nice hanger - just imagine a nice blonde (grey?) middle aged girl wearing it to get the full picture...

I used Burda pattern 7294 (read the review, which I just happen to find now, but which I agree with for most parts, especially the finishing of the edges) and made a few minor changes:

- I left out the elastic in sleeves and bottom of the shirt and just finished off with a regular hem, which works great - I wish I'd done the bottom hem by hand as I did with the sleeves - I'm actually considering redoing it.
- since I don't like the look of raw edges (even when finished off with a zigzag it looks unfinished) I used a French seam on all seams - a perfect finishing especially when using silk
- I made the sleeves slightly shorter and finished them by hand using a slip-stitch
- I didn't quite like the suggested finishing for the collar and bow tie. I used a rolled hem instead, but next time I'll make sure to finish the neck with a bias or use facing for both tie and neck.

I'm very pleased with the way it turned out. I love the silk ( love the fluttery drape!) which I got really cheap at one of those stores here in Paris at the Marché St.-Pierre where they only sell left over fabrics, end of series, often from designers, at really good prices.
I didn't realize it until yesterday when I was looking for something to wear on top of it (it's getting chilly here in the mornings and evenings), but the blouse pairs up really well with this wrap I made last year and which I'd almost forgotten about... A new favorite outfit for fall!
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