September 21, 2011

Work in progress...

Work in progress

Found it in the bottom of my closet - something I started after making this. It was supposed to become a blanket, but it soon turned out to be one of those projects that would never get far. So, I finally gave it a new destination... Pulled out an embroidery hoop last night for some final stitches... More about it later as it is ready!


Anna said...

looks so amazing, as always I love your style, it's simply beautiful

Petra said...

'het' ziet er al veelbelovend uit, ik ben benieuwd.

Lizzie said...

Aaaah... wondering what it will be.... another table runner like the first, or something different... a wall-hanging?
Looks so interesting!

nicole/brussels said...

ben echt nieuwsgierig, en een beetje jaloers dat ik niet zoveel creativiteit had!nu is het toch te laat, geen moed meer!maar toch blij met wat jij presteert!

thea said...

perfectsion. Can't wait to see more!!



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